Friday, September 28, 2007

The Number Game

Burmese military junta yesterday claimed 9 people died during the crackdown. That reminds me of the press conference by then army chief General Saw Maung 19 years ago. During the press conference when asked about the number of people killed during 1988 uprising, which the army crushed brutally and killed thousands of people, he answered "fifteen". The journalist surprised at his answer asked back "fifteen or fifty?" for confirmation. The junta chief answered "one five. one five" smugly. How could it be when more than a thousand lost lives right in front of City Hall on 8888 alone. That shows the army has no qualm about lying blindly to the international media.

Now the ruling junta, SPDC, announced 9 people dead. I am shocked to see the number because if 15 means thousands, then 9 means hundreds if not thousands.

And our inside sources confirmed more than a hundred on 27th September alone, the highest casualties after 1988 uprising.

And the junta has cut off internet lines and killed many more again today. Rangoon residents told they used iron rods to beat and kill people so that people would not hear sounds of gun fire. The worst hit today was at Pan Soe Tan. They military and SAS people killed the injured protesters by beating with the iron rods the witnesses said. There also are eye witnesses about dead bodies of monks being thrown into Rangoon river by the army. This scenario has happened in Sagaing on 9,8,88 as well. On that day, more than 300 Sagaing residents were shot and killed by the army. The dead bodies were all thrown into Irrawaddy river then. Even after more than a week, Sagaing residents still found their loved ones bodies many miles down the river. This time the bodies of monks killed can only be seen by the fishes and seamen.

The tragedy would continue if the world cannot kick out this worth for nothing junta.