Friday, September 28, 2007

Stop the words. ACT now UN

US announced more sanctions against Burmese junta.

UK calls for UN meeting.

China calls on all parties to exercise restraint.

Russia said Burma is not a threat to the Regional Peace and stability.

India said it is their internal affair.

Asean said blah blah blah..

JEEZZ….haven’t the world seen enough? Are all the world leaders STUPID?

Be damned with US for sanctions. Didn’t Mr Bush know SPDC never really care sanctions. Damn, ASEAN has been selling their products high and buying Burma resources low. The generals do not care as long as they live in lavish lifestyle. Don’t you see it Mr Bush?

Be damned with UK for calling UN meeting. Didn’t Mr Brown even guess China and Russia would block the move? Why waste time calling something which would never really happen? Afterall, China has been using Burma as a golden trash bin for years. Don’t you see Burma Army has been buying Chinese made Jets, Tanks and most prominently military trucks Mr Brown?

Be damned with China for telling ALL parties to exercise restraint. Did the monks carry guns? Did the protesters riding tanks? Who should exercise restraint? ALL parties? Thanks for not advising Burma Army to crush human heads with tanks.

Be damned with Russia for saying Burma is not a threat to regional peace and stability. Right, it will be only when Burma completed nuclear plant with your help. By then, Moscow vault would be filled with millions of dollars from our severely poor people pockets. Oh, sorry, you are already earning quite a lot by training those brainless heads from military for nuclear technology for about 6-7 years now. If you want to see live another Chernobyl disaster, I recommend you assign some Russians at Burma nuclear site when it is up and running.

Be damned with India for saying it is internal affair. How about Burma stop buying your aging helicopters and stop discussing selling natural gas at way too low price? Wouldn’t you mind if we allow you to see cocoa islands personally so that you are sure there are no Chinese naval personnel present?

Be damned with ASEAN for everything. Big words, small words, stern words, soft words, etc..etc. What if Burma stop selling natural gas to Thailand? What if Burma revoke license to chop down trees from Thailand companies? What if Burma ordered out all the Singapore fish and prawn farms? What if Burma abruptly stop Patronas from drilling in Burma Sea?


It is time the world leaders stop issuing useless statements. Save the papers, save the breath. It is time to ACT. Use the force and send the army back to barracks.

UN = Useless & Nothing

If UN wants respect from the people all over the world, lead the whole world, shut every country up and send troops into Burma. That is the right thing to do. The people of Burma are also human beings on earth. We are not to be enslaved. If UN is establish to help the people all over the world. ACT! NOW!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. The whole world don't want to help us.
We must fight back ourselves.

Raisa said...

Good post.