Friday, September 28, 2007

The Killings(27Sep)

Mr Kenji Nagai, a japanese journalist, on the run just a second before getting shot. The soldier right behind him with gun aiming at his back.

His body thrown forward by the force of bullet coming in from his back.

The body on the ground. The soldier can be seen standing and waiting to see his victim.

Mr Kenji Nagai still alive and probably begging not to shoot again. (right hand holding his camera). The soldier has started running towards the crowd but still aiming the gun towards the journalist. A riot police coming out near with shield holding near the tree.

His injured body lying on the street. A gun shot wound can be seen on his body near the right hand. It is not known whether this wound is the result of the shot piercing from the back or another shot fired at close range. A riot police shield dropped near his body beside the pavement.
The movement of his body showed he was still alive until then. Flares was fired although there were no more protesters anywhere near the area so as to prevent people from taking the pictures. A riot police shield near his head.

Mr Kenji Nagai body on the street. Flares beside him and riot police shield near the pavement.

His dead body being carried away from the scene by Riot Police. The flares has died down.
Inside sources said there were two gun shot wounds and the body was washed carefully in front of AA pharmacy near Sule Pagoda before sending it to Rangoon General Hospital.

Light Infantry Division 66 was deployed immediately after the crackdown to clean up the downtown area. The rectangular boards in the hands of soldiers are used to sweep the debris and slippers off the road.

Photos taken from DVB and HERE