Friday, September 28, 2007

Bloggers' News(28-Sep)

Time shown are Burma Standard Time

2:35 pm: shots were fired on Pann Soe Tan and San Pya. Standoff between the protesters and the army on Anawrahta Road.

2:43 pm: reports of soldiers beating the teachers who are helping students to demonstrate at North Oakkala.

2:49 pm: shootings at Pan Soe Tan

3:11 pm: reports of crowd marching from Shwedagon East Gate. Another group has arrived Nursing University via Phone Gyi Street. Students are heading that group.

3:18 pm: many protesting groups at various places.

3:21 pm: youths from some wards and quarters have blocked the roads in order to prevent the army coming in.

3:29 pm: reports of standoff between protesters and the army at Mandalay Phayargyi.

3:33 pm: about 300 students marching at Tamwe Township.

3:59 pm: protesters demands all over Mandalay on 33rd st between 83rd and 84th

4:24 pm: Army barricaded Pan Soe Tan. report of a group of protester near Mingalar Bazaar. small lanes are all blocked by army. Only the main road is accessible.

4:30 pm: full of monks and people on 84th street, Mandalay. estimated more than a 100,000. so far, no shooting.

4:31 pm: 2 groups of protesters in downtown Rangoon. one went towards Pazundaung and one towards Ahlone. Army has circled the Ahlone group.

4:42 pm: blood everywhere on Pan Soe Tan. Eye witness said they used iron rods.

4:47 pm: reports of ICRC on the road.

5:05 pm: eye witness report of foreigner old lady being shot(unconfirmed)

5:38 pm: gun fires at Kyaut Myaung, Thida street. Arrests were made to those who climb on the trees to hide.

6:10 pm: USDA thugs leads anti-protest protest in Nyaung Oo. At least one person from one household is ordered out by force. Suppose to be a preparation for Mr Gambari visit tomorrow. It is a trick by the junta.

7:02 pm: Similar anti-protest by USDA thugs in Kyaut Padaung. But the monks who are holding an anti government protest outnumbered them.

9:01 pm: Army on the move to raid Bargaya monastery and Aung Mingalar monastrey at the junction of U Wi Sa Ra and Bargaya road.

9:05 pm: People from Bo Moe street, Damayone street and Myay Nu street are waiting.

9:28 pm: Raids started on almost all the monasteries in Rangoon. shots were fired at onlookers.

9:29 pm: Call UN(Rangoon) please!