Thursday, October 18, 2007

What will Mr Gambari sell?

Mr Gambari has arrived, traveled, talked, extended his visa and flown back. UN has listened and finally issued a statement. Burma has responded by dismissing the statement outright. The generals showed they do not give a damn about Mr Gambari and UN by keep on arresting, torturing and killing monks and civilians, including nuns and women nationwide. If Mr Gambari, ASEAN, US, EU and the whole UN have relatively sound mind, they should all know by now the Burmese generals are spitting their faces like hell. Yet, all of them still think asking a person like Mr Gambari to go talk to inhumane generals would help Burma. Or are all of them issuing statements just to save their faces?

If the leaders of the world do not know how to access the apparent failure trip by Mr Gambari, let me tell you how the citizens of Burma access it.

Here is how;----

Burmese generals accepted Mr Gambari under a project named “3 Take” project.

  1. Take what we give.
  2. Take notes of what we tell.
  3. Take your bags and go home.

In Burmese, (ပ) သံုးလံုးစီမံကိန္း

၁။ ေပးတာယူ

၂။ ေျပာတာနားေထာင္

၃။ ၿပီးရင္ျပန္

We will have to wait and see whether Mr Gambari could emulate Mr Razali Ismil in dealing with the generals. During his appointment to Burma, Mr Razali has achieved selling his company’s e-passport system to be used in Burma. We will see what Mr Gambari could sell. May be a way of Nigerian scam?


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