Monday, October 01, 2007

The Evidence

These are not the pictures you want to see time and again. But these are the pictures you should never ever forget. These are the hard evidence how brutal the military regime is. These are the images of a dead body of a monk floating in the Nga Moe Yeik river. The injuries sustained by this monk can still be seen on his head and the back. In fact it is clear almost the whole body was badly beaten before the body was thrown into the river.

And this particular sighting proved the rumours about the army throwing dead monks into the Yangon river after the killings was indeed true. In fact, this is not the first time the dead bodies were thrown into the river. The burmese army thrown more than 300 dead bodies into Irrawaddy river after the massacre in Sagaing on 9-8-88. The relatives of the deaths had to go as far as 10 to 20 miles down stream to collect the bodies up to a week.

The world could not afford to wait longer. The oppressive military regime has to be overthrown for the sake of 50 million burmans who have been suffering under military rule for almost half a century.

The floating dead body of a monk killed by military and SPDC thugs.
Photo Source: DVB