Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anti-junta picture inThe New Light of Myanmar

This is the picture published in The New Light of Myanmar on 10th October as anti-Iraq demonstration in London. However, the posters and banners in the pictures clearly show that this is indeed the anti-Burmese Junta demonstration.

The poster highlighted in red bear the words; “Support the monks. Free Burma

A map of Burma is right in the middle of the board highlighted in blue.

The word circled in green on the banner is believed to be the word BURMA.

Although many claimed this as a Big lie exposed, I personally think this might not be the case. There is no way the editor could miss to check the picture and words especially when they have original picture in hand in full color as well as the source where it comes from. Moreover this oversight is far more impossible especially after killerthanshwe message appeared on Myanmar Times. It is very likely this is indeed a very brave silent protest. I salute everyone involved in it.

Even the news just beside the picture might not be a coincidence. Although the news apparently slams Britain PM Brown for putting party politics above the national interest, it makes people think how much the generals put their own interests above the national interest. This is again very likely because the person who sent it out to the world chose to include that news portion rather than cropping it out.

If I am to think more, I feel even the message in Burmese above the picture is not there by chance. Normally, it is a usual SPDC slogan. But the message reads “Double the effort to produce” in English. Right above the pictures of anti-junta protests? Isn’t it possible they are asking the people to double the efforts to (produce)strike again?

These could be the facts or these could be my imaginations. However, this time, no one would come out and say it is us who did that.