Monday, October 15, 2007

Ko Kyaw Thu and gentleman face mask wearing dogs

Ko Kyaw Thu and I were friends since childhood. It was me who taught Ko Kyaw Thu how to play guitar at the time he became an actor. He was a lovable man.

Recently, I heard different rumours about Ko Kyaw Thu and his wife whereabouts. One said they went to the border, another said they were in US embassy, yet another said they were arrested and so on.

Just today, I heard the real news from the inside source. It is true both of them were arrested. How do you think they get arrested?

The one who told me didn’t know the exact date, so I would leave the date open. Just before bedtime on the last day they donated meals to the monks, Ko Thura heard the news about imminent arrest. Then, Ko Thura sent Ko Kyaw Thu and his wife to a safe place along with U Aung Way. Ko Thura was arrested on his way back home to pack things. His unselfishness to help his friends caused him being arrested. Right after Ko Thura was arrested; they straightaway went to U Aung Way and arrested him also. During that period, Ko Kyaw Thu and his wife were on the run, the whole night.

That is why when the couple was not at home anymore when the authorities showed up at their house to make an arrest. What do you think the respectable authorities did then? Without giving any reasons, they hauled up eighty years old U Sein Tin, father of Ko Kyaw Thu. Just think how respectful the gentleman face mask wearing dogs are.

They then left a message to the family members left behind;

Tell that crap Kyaw Thu to come and submit himself if he ever wants to see his dad alive again, if not, don’t blame us!”

As a result, Ko Kyaw Thu had to exchange his life with his father’s. His wife, Ma Shwe Zee Gwek, said she would follow her husband and let them arrested.

Just before that day, I had a lengthy conversation with Ma Shwe Zee Gwek while waiting for Ko Kyaw Thu to come back from demonstration camp. I got a chance to chat with Ko Kyaw Thu just before we left Ko Thura house in the morning. They are so courageous.

I remember the last words Ko Kyaw Thu said;

“Well done, well done. Please carry on. I will also carry on.”

U Maung, I have given my words.

I will not let you down U Maung and Ko Thura. I will not back off.

Myo Chit

(Posted at မ်ဳိးခ်စ္ျမန္မာ in Burmese. Translated by generation96 for the purpose of letting the world knows how cruel the military government acted upon the citizens of Burma. SAVE BURMA. FREE BURMA.)

PS: Ko Thura is a famous comedian, actor. Ko Kyaw Thu is a famous actor and a social activist. Ma Shwe Zee Gwek is an active social activist and one of the organizers of a home for the HIV stricken children. U Aung Way is a famous poet. Ko Kyaw Thu was believed to have been arrested on 10th October.


Anonymous said...

I am really sad to hear this bad news.i prayed that God will be with him.

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