Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Will S'pore welcome Osama Bin Laden?

Mr Lee also responded to a question on whether Singapore should prevent members of the Myanmar government from coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

He said: "I think we have to decide whether we're trying to influence the policy of a government or whether you want to do petty indignities to individuals, which is really against human nature.

"Somebody who is sick, he wants to come to Singapore, he needs treatment and you're telling me that I shouldn't treat him because he is not a good man? It goes against the Hippocratic oath of doctors."


If Mr Lee thinks it is against human nature to deny medical treatment to individuals, will Singapore admit Mr Osama Bin Laden to SGH if he ever needs treatment? It is still against the Hippocratic oath of doctors, isn't it?

I think Singapore should accept Mr Osama if Singapore accepts Burmese generals. They are no better than Osama Bin Laden. They share a lot in common.

They take US as enemy. They are happy to see US people killed. They killed innocent people.

When Al Qaeda killed nearly 3000 in Sep 11 attacks, Burmese generals happily announced the news on national TV and run articles on national Newspapers. But not a word of sorrw for the victims were said.

Whenever storms, floods, tornadoes, hit US, Burmese people are the first to read on newspapers. Whenever building, and bridge collapse in US, Burmese people are the first to see. Whenever lunatic shoots people in US, Burmese people are the first to know.

At least, Al Qaeda is fighting arms against arms. Burmese generals are killing unarmed civilians with guns.

So, Singapore...what would you do? Welcome Mr Osama Bin Laden?


Ko Paw said...

I totally agree with your view. Besides, PM Lee is not even a doctor himself so as to concern too much about the hippocratic oath of doctors. US and EU, who impose the travel restrictions on the Burmese generals, also have doctors in their own coutries.

This is just a lame excuse by PM Lee.

I like your recent post "ASEAN a family of government?"

Thank you for writing these posts.

Forgive me, please, for forwarding your posts in the "rit-Burma, dassk-supporters and burmatoday" yahoo egroups without asking your permission first.

With best regards,
Ko Paw @ Aung Naing Moe

generation96 said...

Ko Paw,
It is ok to forward or send email or republish my posts. Afterall, these are for public viewing. Thanks for the comments. Just my two cents for the country.

Best Regards,