Thursday, October 11, 2007

The killers will get killed

Recently, reports from Burma-Thailand border said KNPP, a Karenni rebel group, has seized a Burma Army outpost near Kalaw. This is the first sign the killers of the monks will get killed soon. History will be repeated.

It is well documented that during 1988 demonstrations, thousands of people were gunned down by the military. What the world didn’t know was what happened to the soldiers who opened fired on the peaceful protesters.

It was no coincidence Burma Army strongholds Mine Yang and Maethawaw fell into the hands of BCP (Burmese Community Party) and KNU (Karen National Union) respectively just after the killings. The army launched major offensives against BCP and KNU soon after at one go. Troops deployed in the cities were ordered out and sent straight to the front lines. As a result, Burma Army not only recaptured Mine Yang and Maethawaw, they started overrunning many more BCP camps and KNU camps one after another in a shockingly short time.

Later, words were reached to the towns that during both operations, soldiers were given two options. Either keep on charging against the rebel gun fires or be shot. Although the authenticity of the options was to be questioned, one true fact remains. That is, ALL of the soldiers who killed the demonstrators were killed during these operations. Today, it is believed not a single killer (soldier) live to tell his personal experiences of '88 killings.

Now, KNPP has captured one army camp. It is so doubtful how an outpost which is so close to state capital Kalaw could fall to relatively weak rebel group like KNPP. There are words of ABSDF and SSA preparing offensives against the army, news which will be so welcomed by the generals. After all, if history is to be repeated, it is time the killers get killed.