Monday, October 08, 2007

ASEAN, a family of governments?

"We need to keep Myanmar in the family and handle the problems there with a certain degree of understanding and compassion. Of course people who live further away can have their own views, but I believe we have a deeper understanding of the situation there, and the stand we take is the correct stand," said Mr Yeo. — CNA

It is better for Myanmar to 'remain inside the family' of ASEAN than outside, Lee said. –DPA

Family, family, family. It is all about keeping Myanmar in the family. That in turn means keeping the brutal military junta in the family. So, Is ASEAN just a family of governments? What about the citizens of each country?

In fact ASEAN should be a group of families. Each nation is a separate family. These families are living in a town called ASEAN.

Now the town people are witnessing the brutal beatings and killings in a family called Myanmar. What do you do when you see or even hear when your neighbours fight? Do you watch and publish a statement? No, either you interfere or you call the police. You just cannot stand and watch when one was being bullied by another albeit they are just the same family members.

Now, we are asking you to either interfere or call the police, which in this case is UN. Again, the police cannot just knock the door and wait until the fight is over. They never did anyway. They have to break the door and go in with guns ready if needed. So, here it is, it is now time for the neighbours to tell the police to break in and ACT simply because they have seen and heard how bad the situation inside is. They just cannot tell the police to issue warnings outside the door. That won’t work.