Sunday, November 04, 2007

Singapore is deeply disappointed

SINGAPORE: Singapore, the current chair of the ASEAN bloc, said on Saturday it was "deeply disappointed" over Myanmar's decision to expel the most senior UN official working in the military-ruled country.

Myanmar's announcement sends an inconsistent message about it's willingness to engage the United Nations, a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.

"Singapore is deeply disappointed to learn of the Myanmar government's decision to discontinue the assignment of the UNDP Resident Coordinator Charles James Petrie in Myanmar," he said.

Oops… deeply disappointed? We are so sorry for that. Don’t you think it is a result of “constructive engagement”? or “keeping Myanmar in the family”?

"This announcement has come at a most inopportune time, just before the arrival of (UN special envoy) Ibrahim Gambari," the spokesman added.

Then again, that is why your Minister Mentor said they are “dumb generals”. They do what they want to do at when they want to do. They do not care whether it is at a most opportune time or not. Whee… try lecture them if you do not believe what your MM said.

"It also sends an inconsistent message about Myanmar's willingness to continue engaging the UN in improving its domestic political and socio-economic situation."

No… it sends a very consistent message about Myanmar’s willingness to reject whatever UN or anyone said.

Singapore urged the Myanmar junta to continue dialogue with the UN as it offers "hope for Myanmar to resolve key socio-economic problems, and to work towards peaceful national reconciliation with all groups in the country."

Surprise…surprise. Does Singapore genuinely think Myanmar’s “dumb generals” would listen to what Singapore urge? MM Lee had tried it and failed. Myanmar has just kicked UN’s most senior official for reporting truth about Burma. Hmm… may be “constructive engagement” and “keeping Myanmar in the family” would help. We will see.


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