Saturday, November 10, 2007

News, which is not news.

On many news web sites, newspapers and journals, a heading “Suu Kyi agrees to meet with junta” or something similar to it took place today.

I am stunned to see the way the international world media present this particular “news”. In fact, for Burmese, this statement by Daw Su issued by Mr Gambari is nothing new. The statement is now “news” for Burmese. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as well as NLD have always stressed that the genuine dialogue is the only way to solve the crisis in Burma. They have taken this stand since 1990s. Daw Su had talked with SPDC leadership many years back. NLD has always called SPDC to talk. Never did SPDC listens Daw Su and NLD calls for dialogue. Now, Mr Gambari has again call for the dialogue. Daw Su and NLD agree. It is nothing new. In fact, the only thing to show from Mr Gambari mission is that SPDC’s outright rejection of Mr Gambari call for three way talk.

In short, Mr Gambari mission to Burma was an absolute failure. This “news”, which is not news, should not lead the world to think Daw Su has just changed her mind. The world should know it is SPDC who UN has to talk or act to change their mind.


Ko Paw said...

A good point to note!