Thursday, November 22, 2007

Burma spits on Asean. Asean slaps UN

His message came down to this, said a person who listened to Mr Thein Sein’s speech: “I look after my own house. You cannot come in and rearrange the furniture. The furniture may not be great but I do it the way I want it. Period.”

Source: The Straits Times (November 21 2007, Page 6, ASEAN SUMMIT)

To sum it up, after listening what Thein Sein had said, the Asean leaders agreed to cancel the UN envoy briefing, ultimately showing the world that Asean leaders have to genuine concern for the people of Burma. It also shows Asean doesn’t really care what the world governing body UN would have to say in the manner its envoy was treated. In fact, this incident highlighted Asean has only one thing in mind, to keep on benefitting from Burma’s abundance natural resources by nodding whatever the junta said. It is so surprising to learn that the leaders of the region follow the wishes of the junta especially after MM Lee publicly calling them “dumb generals.” Doesn’t it mean Asean leaders the followers of the dumb generals?

If one can think clearly, it is obvious the junta is not moving the furniture. They are killing the monks and civilians. They are still arresting and torturing people. They are doing that right in front of your eyes. Will you let to do them the way they want, killings and torturing? If you say yes, you are inhumane, heartless and selfish. This is not a time to have dinner with the killers of Burma and have “Family” dinner together. This is a time to show the world that you are caring and good neighbors Asean. There is still time. Fix it and the world will praise you. Let it go and you will go down in history as the selfish neighbors for Burma.