Thursday, November 29, 2007

Burmese junta ordered journals to remove Mr Pinheiro news

A cover story of 7Day News dated November 22, which is about the press conference held by Mr Pinheiro at Rangoon airport, had to be covered by silver ink and replaced with another news.

However, the censor board failed to notice the other part of story appeared in page 5 which clearly stated "Continuation from cover."

The new cover story appeared in the journal again with exactly the same wordings.

Yangon Times dated November 21 was another victim of Mr Pinheiro news. It ran the news under politics section but also ordered to remove. The journal replaced it with an advertisement of it own.

In both cases, 7Day and Yangon Times, the original news are visible quite easily with enough lighting.

Surprisingly, the news about Mr Pinheiro visit to Innsein jail, Goverment Technology Institute (a notorious detention centre during September crackdown), and Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery as well as meetings with senior Burmese ministers was appeared undeterred in Weekly Eleven journal dated November 21. The news featured a photo of Mr Pinheiro visit to the Kya Khat Wine monastery, a closed junta ally.