Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In honour of the Resistance Day

Major General Aung San pledges

to fight for country

H. E. Major General Aung San, War Minister, speaking on behalf of the Army at the send-off ceremony on Saturday, pledged the country till final victory is won. He disclosed that he himself was departing with the soldiers to frontlines, and that he would share whatever hardships they would meet. He said “Our army will fight for the benefit to the country, and, if needs be, we will offer ourselves as the very bulwarks against the attacks of the enemy. We will fight the enemy with all the strength in our possession. Unless we can drive the enemy away from our country, and unless we can beat him decisively, our freedom will always be in jeopardy. Let us therefore advance so that the prosperity of our children will be secured.”

“Greater Asia

Rangoon-Tuesday-March 20, 1945.