Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shame on South Africa

It was no surprise both China and Russia vetoed the resolution against Burma. After all, they are the ones who gain a lot from Burma being cast aside by the western world. China has been dumping her old military trucks, tanks, and planes into Burma for more than a decade and Russia has been supplying widely known MIG-29 fighters, Choppers, Tanks, and even helping controversial nuclear project.

But to the amazement of many governments and even its own population, South Africa also opposed the document. It is the country where Nelson Mandela was born. It was the example how the rest of the world can help change some other country’s fate. It is the symbol of how the non-violence freedom struggle can be achieved. It is the symbol of how the two deeply hated groups can sit down together and build a fully democratic country.

Yet, the democratically elected South Africa government decided not to help another country of its past. They decided to forget the fact that they were at the receiving ends of these kinds of resolutions in the past. They decided to ignore the sympathy the worlds’ people had on them when they were suffering. They decided to forget how badly they wanted the freedom.

It is a disgrace act for a country like South Africa. Mr Mandela would have been shocked to hear the news. I could say nothing but “Shame on South Africa!”


Anonymous said...

thats because you dont understand the people in africa no longer care about others just the "leaders" care only about themselfves.

I thought you'd have figured that out by now.