Saturday, November 04, 2006

The wedding, the building, and the house

So you have seen the wedding. Now, let's take a look at the the building, Zayar Thiri Baikman, where they staged the reception.

An aerial view here. The orange circled building is Zayar Thiri. The one in red is popular Junction 8 and the yellow the former Yangon City Hotel you used to see at 8 mile junction. hmm...get the picture?

Feeling disgusted? Don't be. Take a look at the residence which is allegedly the compound of Than Shwe below. The two houses in front of him were believed to be the houses of Khin Nyunt and Tin Oo. The orange rectangle is a junction where you turn into North Oakkala from Kabaraye Pagoda.

Oh yes, all these buildings are inside the compound of Rangoon Division military HQ. Too large you think? Nah...just look at the buildings..not even big enough too see these from space.

So who say Burma is one of the poorest? We are in the UN's list of LDCs? Heck! it must be a mistake.


boedawgyi said...

damn we have only twelve countries behind the list