Friday, September 22, 2006

Nazi & SPDC

These few days, I have been reading The Penguin History of the Second World War and found some interesting sentences and paragraphs and couldn't help but smile.

Here they are...

‘The will of the Führer (Leader) is Law.’ His (Hitler) authority was not only absolute but he himself was irreplaceable: he could have no true successor.P-25.

Yes! The will of Than Shwe is indeed Law and I don’t think he would ever want a successor.

The heads of the government did not govern by talking or working together,….
What mattered to Hitler was the obedience of his lieutenants to himself. They did not have to agree among themselves.P-26

Again, how true it is for SPDC. They did not agree among themselves really but they followed what Than Shwe wants.

Through it techniques it perfected the elimination of opposition. It was not a party in the ordinary sense of the word since it could never be satisfied with partial allegiance or partial dominance.P-27

This should be their favorite. SPDC has been trying to eliminate all sorts of opposition especially NLD and boy, how they hate to share power with people.

Hitler used fear and persuasion to an unsurpassed degree….
Books, plays, the press and broadcasting were brought under Nazi control and censorship. Justice became a farce. It was, said Hitler, ‘a means of ruling’. The courts were used to complete the suppression of the individual; the legal profession was regimented, the Führer had the power to quash proceedings, his deputy the power to increase inadequate sentences in cases involving offences against the Führer, the state or the party; illegality was legalized by the invention of the principle of ‘hidden right’; an advocate who got his client acquitted would see him being bundled into a police van as he left the court. P-28

Bring in censorship board of Burma. Bring in our a thousand over political prisoners. No justice? Burma would laugh.
Nazi rule? Burma would laugh. We are in fact living under them for 44 years now.

Goethe wrote:
(Man must rise or fall, He must win and rule
Or lose and serve, Be the anvil or the hammer.)

We will win and rule and we will show what real justice is.